About us


Beavory is a brand for creative kids and was founded in 2010 by visual designer and educator, Karen Aharoni Mack . What began as a small business passion project  in Karen’s home town of Tel Aviv, Israel, has recently exploded into the California Bay Area. With this growth, Karen has since relocated her studio to California with her supportive and loving husband, Elad and their son Golan.

Karen is passionate about enriching lives by making creativity accessible to children of all ages. Karen has vast global  experience in education and design through her work in a student exchange program, teaching art and design, holding managerial positions in tech, working in nonprofits and volunteering with children.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design from High Technology Institute of Design and has taken various Stanford University professional courses on creativity, photography and entrepreneurship.

Beavory’s roots are in illustration, but as our business continues to grow and develop more products under the Beavory brand, we look forward to expanding our product line targeted more towards kids decor and playful creative spaces.

We strongly believe in contagious optimism and creating a better, creative design industry for kids, one that will shape them to become curious, kind, thoughtful and grateful adults, who will laugh often and find passion in their lives.