September 01, 2016

I believe design is visual, verbal, and experiential—and built on the ground, everyday, by the people who use it. As a designer, a kid’s brand owner, and a mom-to-be, I believe kids should be part of the on-going conversion when we design their living space and products. As such, I have designed a wood decor collection that encourages and supports creativity and imaginative spaces created by and for kids. I spent a few months developing a wood line from my illustrations, exploring different kinds of wood and manufactures. This week I’ve launched my new online store showcasing the new wood decor collection that offers a fun, playful and creative way for kids and their family to decorate their home. You can paint them with your favorite colors and let your imagination go wild! It’s super easy to DIY, and makes a huge impact in a room.

Below you can view some images from the making process, kids and adults exploring our wood collection , as well as  some coloring inspiration(-:


wood collection